How can I be confident that my son/daughter will be safe?

Player safety is the #1 concern on all Azevedo Water Polo trips.  We work only with the most trusted contacts and teams.  From the moment your son or daughter arrives at their destination, qualified chaperones will be with them to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  All activities and trainings will be highly supervised and monitored.

What if I want to come along to chaperone myself?

Azevedo Water Polo does offer parents the chance to join on trips. We will happily help you with all of your arrangements and travel details.

How will my son or daughter be able to contact me while they are abroad?

All players will have regular access to email and the ability to Skype to call home.  Parents will be provided with all the detailed contact info of everyone involved in the trip, including coaches and chaperones.

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