AWP Hosting Chinese Teams in Italy

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Azevedo Water Polo Italy, run by Cassandra Azevedo Maggiolo and Stefano Maggiolo, is scheduled to host a whole roster of new teams this year, including several from China. As a sport, water polo in China is quickly gaining momentum, and the Chinese Team hopes to make a strong showing at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. It doesn’t hurt that Ricardo Azevedo has been Head Coach of the Chinese National Team since 2011, creating a liaison between clubs and athletes in China, the US, Italy and beyond.

The following Press Release (translated into English) discusses the Shanghai Team currently training in Italy this week. Next week, yet another Chinese team from Guangzhou will arrive in Italy to practice with Rari Nantes Camogli.

The Azevedo Water Polo team is excited to be hosting so many new and interesting teams this year, and we only plan to continue expanding from here on out. Don’t forget to sign up for our Email Newsletter for future updates!


The Chinese Shanghai water polo team trained yesterday night at the Zanelli Pool with the Blu Shelf Carissa Savona Team. The Shanghai team had already traveled to Italy last year to train, and wanted to return again this year to practice at this notable Savona water polo school. The Shanghai team includes several members of the current Chinese National Team as well as a few former members. “Physically, they are very talented and well-prepared ”, said Savona Coach Andrea Pisano. “We have experienced a good level of training both physically and tactically.”

Next Wednesday Rari Nantes Camogli will host yet another Chinese Team—this time from Guangzhou.

Laura Sicco

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La squadra cinese dello Shangai si è allenata ieri sera nella piscina Zanelli con la Blu Shelf Carisa Savona. Lo Shangai era già venuto lo scorso anno ed ha voluto ritornare ad allenarsi all’ombra della Torretta vista la bontà della scuola savonese di pallanuoto. Nella formazione cinese militano diversi giocatori facenti parte della Nazionale attuale ed alcuni che ne hanno fatto parte nel recente passato. “Fisicamente sono molto dotati e ben preparati – commenta l’allenatore savonese Andrea Pisano – E’ stato un allenamento di buon livello sia dal punto di vista fisico che tattico”.

Mercoledì prossimo la Rari ospiterà un’altra squadra cinese: lo Guangzhou.

Laura Sicco