Do you want to challenge yourself by training abroad but don’t have a team?

Not a problem—we organize personalized trips for individuals all around the globe. Let us know your needs and your goals and we’ll find the right place for you.

Some of our individual participants opt to stay in hotels and others prefer host families. Some individuals also like to have set, organized meals, whereas others prefer to venture out on their own. The good thing about individual trips is that they are very flexible!


Most individual trips last for 7- 30 days, although this time frame is variable.  Here is a sample itinerary of a typical day:

7:30 AM: Wakeup

8 AM: Breakfast

8:45: Bus/car pickup at hotel or host home

9-11 AM: Training with local team

12-1 PM: Lunch at restaurant, home or out

1-5 PM: Free/Day Trip

5:45 PM: Bus pick up at hotel or host home

6-8 PM: Training with host team/Game

8:30 PM: Dinner at hotel, host home or out

Our main job is to make sure that you get the optimum amount of training at the most competitive levels, but we also encourage you to take advantage of your free time.  On your Individual AWP Trip you can feel free to partake in as many day trips and other cultural excursions as you choose.  For example, individuals who have come to train in Kotor, Montenegro often take day trips to the famous Ostrog monastery or even to the nearby city of Dubrovnik.