Ask the Coach: How a lightweight can turn against heavier players?


I play top left flat as a driver and I am light weight. How can I work on turning against heavier players?


As a 1 – 2 player you will usually defend the best right-handed player from the other team, so your thoughts and preparation should be defensive in nature. As a play-maker you need to stay free and ready to go, you must use movement both vertically and laterally.

Try to be difficult–most players don’t like when a player keeps moving. Also spend more time developing your legs, as quickness comes from leg strength and also ball handling ability. Do not square out to the defender– that gives him too much of your own exposure body—instead lean with your shoulders, elbows and knees.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to anticipate the defenders, recognize the defense set up, and keep ahead of the defense. They will try to force you outside so position your legs away from the defender– this keeps the defender from grabbing you around the shoulders and getting physical—the opposite can be done for forcing you inside.

Also make sure to read the articles that I post about drivers and get busy becoming a pest! Good luck.

Submitted by:

Joshua Vasquez