Ask the Coach: Outside Shooter Techniques for a quick shot outside 5 meters?


What are some techniques that a player can use to create separation one-on-one with the defender and effectively use that separation to get a quick shot off outside five meters?


First of all, it’s important to create the separation in an efficient manner, without committing an offensive foul. You want to stay as mobile as possible, constantly moving, having your legs in position for a quick change in direction or stop and go effort.

A good player has awareness of the ball and places himself in a position to be able to drive or pop up for the quick shot at any time. Hand speed and strong leg thrusts are a must—you have to be able to get from horizontal position to vertical position at lightning speed.

For example, if you are in a horizontal position, take a big breaststroke kick and 2 or 3 quick strokes to the right or left of the defender—this will force him to play off of you. This is when you also need to time your move with your teammate who has the ball (and is going to pass it to you) so that you can take a couple fast strokes and pop for a quick shot.

Submitted by:

Will Kim