Complete Weight Training Program (used with Chinese National Team)

By: Ricardo Azevedo

Weight training is an important part of any program. It is vital to the development of a water polo athlete, but you also have to be careful not to overdo it– instead collaborating with a strength coach to design a program that best fits your team.

By clicking on the downloadable link below, you can access an example of a weight training program used by the Chinese National Team this past year. Our goal was to introduce a more complete training regimen, as in the past a very old fashioned program was in place—most of the exercises were based on maximum effort, creating too many injuries.

The program is designed to cover all aspects of player development including back, torso, core, legs, and injury prevention. The frequency of execution was 3 times per week for 1:1 minutes.

Coaches must also remember that weights and dryland training are complementary workouts—meaning you need to take into consideration the water time and effort (a common problem with young coaches is the “more is better” attitude). For example, if you have a strong session in the weight room that concentrates on legs, then water time should be geared towards the back or upper body—remember that muscles need recovery to achieve good results.

Downloadable Chinese Weight Lifting Program