Tony Azevedo Academy

Change the way you play water polo

Summer Session

July 9-13, 2018
UCLA Campus (Los Angeles)
Open to all ages (athletes will stay at the UCLA dorms overnight)
Featuring Tony Azevedo, Adam Wright & Michael “Mize” Zellmer

Winter Session 2018

Ocean View High School
Open to all ages
Featuring Tony Azevedo, Ricardo Azevedo & other Olympic guests



All about the Academy

Intense and Innovative Water Polo Training
Set yourself apart from the crowd. Tony Azevedo’s camp will teach you the latest,
cutting-edge drills used in water polo.


Learn from the best in the business—Olympians and Olympic coaches with decades of experience at the highest level of water polo worldwide.

New! The 6-8 Challenge

The 6-8 Challenge is a series of 8 water polo specific conditioning drills to determine speed, strength and skill level. All Academy athletes will pass through the Challenge. The results will be added to an exclusive online database/App for all athletes to see and compare. The App will also feature a game scoring feature and comprehensive video training program designed by Tony & Maggie Steffens.


Learn life-long skills about balanced nutrition, pre-game and post-game meals, high- energy snacks, when to eat sugar and what kinds, probiotics, how to be alkaline, understanding the right amounts of protein, carbs and other food groups.

Weight Training

Tony’s long-time Olympic trainer Kenny Schroeder will teach simple and effective exercises that can be done at home. Find your own 10 min pre-game ritual and 5 min practice ritual. Learn how to get stronger the right way: shoulder maintenance, proper stretching, hip openers, rolling out, post-game series and how to protect the small, important, muscles for water polo.

College Prep

Learn how to identify the college that best suits your needs, and how to get accepted. Master the application process and essays. Find out how to get colleges and coaches to notice you, what coaches look for in a player, and extra tactics one can use to improve both an athletic and academic resume.

Life Coaching/Planning

Get inspired! Listen to speeches by Olympians: the goals they set to achieve greatness, dealing with failure, planning ahead, leadership skills, teammate interaction, winning, losing, and achieving your personal best,

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